Journal Assignment #1


  • This game is about a voiceless, faceless hero on a quest to save a nameless land from a king guilty of some vague evil or another.  On the way he or she overcomes some equally enigmatic enemies and is eventually aided by a former enemy who may or may not be his estranged brother.
  • I think this game is a clever parody of the tendency of some JRPGs to play out more as interactive movies than games in terms of the level of player interaction and influence.  It also riffs on the sometimes-cliched storylines that RPGs follow.  The game’s entertainment value comes from the meta-story it tells rather than the gameplay itself.
  • My favorite game is The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, a story about a professional monster hunter named Geralt of Rivia who is framed for the murder of the king he was in charge of protecting.
  • I like that game because it uses fantasy as a vehicle to discuss complex issues such as classism and racism while providing a riveting story of political intrigue replete with fleshed-out characters.  Additionally, the game provides a level of player choice that feels meaningful without bringing in any annoying value judgments on the level of a moral sliding scale or point system. 
  • The differences between these two games are varied.  They’re both nominally RPGs, but the design philosophies of the games are rather different.  Where Press Space to Win is satirical in pointing out some of the stagnant aspects of RPG design, TW2 actively tries to subvert those and provide a game that is entertaining in and of itself rather than just as a tool for deconstructing others.
  • Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more of my thoughts!Image